It's that Brewfest time of year!


With the fall rapidly approaching, you can almost smell the “fest” in the air, can’t you? I know I certainly can. I love the fall season. I believe it’s one of the best times of the year to be a Floridian. The water is still 70+°, the waves are breaking because it’s hurricane season, the air gets thinner, the days are warm and the nights are brisk…okay, enough seasonal romance, Gabe.

Fall is great because it also brings with it attention to beer styles that simply “pop” at this time of year. Fall is great because, at least in Tallahassee, thousands of people congregate for Brewfest Tallahassee. Each year, Brewfest seems to get more and more diverse with its beer offerings. The event is unique in that the price of your ticket ($35 for general admission/$99 for VIP) is actually a donation to Sunrise Rotary – which in turn has a huge impact on the surrounding communities in Florida’s panhandle. A win-win fo’ sho’.

Back when I initially had thoughts of opening a brewery – well before the name GrassLands or its mission materialized – I told myself that I wanted to someday be pouring at Brewfest Tallahassee or a similar event. I looked into what it would take to donate my beer. I wondered what people might think with a brewery-in-planning serving his unlicensed beer. Well, as many of you know, last year I got my shot to do so. I consider last year’s event, and GrassLands’ participation in it, a monumental success. This year, we’re doing it again and I expect it to be even better.

Along with GrassLands’ ales, the VIP section will be boasting a combination of unique commercial offerings, all-you-can-eat food from BlueWater, door prizes, early entry, and…what am I forgetting - oh yeah: 80 gallons of locally brewed beer. GrassLands and a number of other homebrewers in the area will be providing a line-up of craft beers in the VIP SECTION that can only be described as FREAKINAWESOME!

In fact, here’s what’s scheduled to be dispensed: From GrassLands – Le Roi Rouge (DOUBLE-DRYHOPPED) Imperial Red Batch #3, Horizon Line Fresh Hop Summer Ale, Saralyn’s DC Honey Blonde, and Queen Kayla’s Hard Cider. From other notable local homebrewers (including Broken Cog and Beerd Brewing):

  • Spiced Cider,
  • Light Stout/Porter
  • Double IPA
  • American Amber
  • Cherry(potentially Bourbon) Milk Stout
  • Dunkelweizen
  • Belgian Pale Ale
  • English Special Bitter
  • Belgian IPA
  • English Porter
  • Rye Pale Ale
  • American IPA

Think the value of that $99 ticket has gone up a tad? I certainly do. When you think that as a patron, you get all these benefits and you get to interact with those who actually brewed these beers while at the same time making a hefty philanthropic impact in the community and surrounding region, it’s a total slam dunk. These tix will sell out, folks. They always do.

So what are your plans come November 3rd? I really hope “Checking out the GrassLands booth at BrewFest!” is at the top of your list! Certainly more to come in the coming months! With that, I hope you have an awesome weekend, dear readers; you deserve it. I'll be in Atlanta celebrating my birthday with family and friends. I'm definitely checking out Hop City, among a few other venues... :)