Court is now in session; the Honorable Judge GrassLands presiding...

Beer_judge With a ton of positive feedback from my (increase in) posts this week, I suppose I’m considering doing this much more often. Maybe I’ll do what I can to reduce my wordcount a tad. After spending a little bit researching the average amount of time GrassLands’ visitors are spending on the site each visit, it might not be a bad idea! I’ll try to find a healthy medium between short & sweet and TL;DR. The problem is, I’m just too dang passionate about this stuff sometimes – if I didn’t get that across (ad-nauseum) wayyyyy back when. Maybe I enjoy hyperlinking things a bit too much... :)

Okay, get it together, Grass; you’ve got an article to write. Third one this week even! Well, now that we’ve got the riff-raff and beer advocacy stuff out of the way, let’s move on to what I’m excited about this week(end).

First things first. I'm putting my homebrewer hat on this weekend and will be officially judging in my first homebrewing competition! I’ve yet to receive my BJCP test results, but I’m still allowed to participate as a judge. We’ll be descending upon Actionville tomorrow evening and starting bright & early, me, Broken Cog’s Tyler and a number of the brew club’s finest will be tasting and writing, tasting and writing, taastndting and wriadfaftng......allllll freakin' day Saturday for CASK’s First Coast Cup. GrassLands' and Broken Cog's lovely ladies will also be volunteering as stewards too. :) I’m excited about this for a number of reasons, but primarily, it just feels good to be officially be judging after months and months and months of studying and preparing for the BJCP final. It’s real now, and I can’t wait to put in my 2¢. Additionally, as a former resident of Jacksonville and a big-time Jags fan, I’m happy to be involved in CASK's rock-solid operation. Next week I’ll provide an update as to how GrassLands’ two entries (which I won’t be judging, obviously) fared in the competition. Do well, Citrus Meyeri Wit and Secale Cereale Saison!

Quick sidenote, Jacksonville, FL has quickly and somewhat quietly become a solid craft beer destination in the south. When I first got into homebrewing, Bold City was the major player in Jax - kudos to them for kickin' ass & taking names by getting on the taplines at Everbank Stadium! Today, they’re joined by Intuition Ale Works, Green Room Brewery, Engine 15, Seven Bridges, and a few others either just now in operation or in-planning! Not too shabby if I don’t say so myself! As a result, the craft beer culture in Jax is really starting to take off. There are awesome beer bars & restaurants as well as a ton of beer enthusiasts that are putting Jacksonville on the craft beer map. Can’t wait to get there!

In an attempt to close the week out somewhere between short & sweet and TL;DR, I’ll just point out that I got to meet one of my first volunteer GrassHoppers yesterday and gave him off a freshly bottled sample of Le Roi Rouge Imperial Red. Can’t wait to get his feedback! I’d feel like a complete jerk if I didn’t give him a shout out. Check out Florida Bar Tab whenever you get a free chance. Good stuff!

That’s it for now! Enjoy the weekend, dear readers! You deserve it.