Brewing up some Summer Fun!


So I don’t know about you, dear readers, but this guy had a fun weekend! Starting off with a (pre)celebration of Belgian Independence on Friday night at Proof Brewing Company, we enjoyed a glassware giveaway (free Belgian Independence snifter with a purchase of a Brasserie d’Achouffe’s Biere Du Soleil) and general good humored beer discussion over some Delirium Noctorum and St. Bernardus’ Abt 12. We followed that up with the best pizza in town at Momo’s Pizza & Brewpub and a couple awesome pints of Hopnosis Imperial IPA. Sheesh, that’s a whole weekend’s worth of great beer in itself!

On to Saturday. As you can see from the top image, I was enjoying the celebration of the official Belgian Independence Day just a little…don’t you think? What a great day for a pool party. Excellent weather, great food, and more importantly, great beer. My awesome brew club showed its teeth by bringing 24.5 gallons of kegged goodness (A lime-y Spring Ale, a Cucumber Wheat, a Smoked Wheat, a Dark Mild, a summer honey ale and my Hylidae Imperial IPA)! Those, in addition to a number of other bottles of homebrew, made a Saturday club celebratory party pretty dang awesome! This marks the 2nd year in a row at our buddy Fred’s place, where as you can see, the water slide was in full use. I suppose it’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to get captured in action going down that sucker in some non-traditional fashion.

Here are a few of us enjoying a “same malt/different yeast” experiment. An experiment similar to the next batch of GrassLands’ Le Roi Rouge!


If you ever get the opportunity to hang out at a homebrew club party, chances are you will not be disappointed. These guys (and gals) are a great group of brewers with which to interact, bounce ideas around, lean on for information/expertise, collaborate on brewing projects, etc., etc. etc. At GrassLands, we’re all about bringing the beer industry to you, but we would be remiss if we didn’t also advocate for the obsession hobby of homebrewing. Just remember, that awesome beer you bought at a store? There’s a good chance it started out as a homebrew and grew from there.

Short(er) post today. More to come as the week progresses!