Quantity over Quality (Wait, strike that...reverse it)

Well, kudos are certainly in order for the ultramegagiantcrazy conglomerate that is Anheuser-Busch/InBev. In a weird way to celebrate Belgian Independence Day, the über corporation decided this week to buy out its remaining shares in Grupo Modelo (the makers of ever popular, yet always skunked Corona) for just a hair over $20 billion.

Let that resonate for a moment. $20 Billion…BILLION! That’s a lotta millions.

Essentially, AB/InBev is continuing to do what it’s always set out to do – get bigger for the sake of getting bigger. Much like the 1988 classic: The Blob. Hey, we gotta take anything Johnny Drama says seriously, right? On a side-note, isn't it uncanny how similar The Blob’s plotline is to AB/InBev’s business practices financial evolution?

While this deal may make craft beer enthusiasts angry, possibly sour at the sheer financial ambition of this deal; you can color me motivated. Reading between the lines, what AB/InBev has done is further display its disconnect with the general public….with you. What nanobreweries and microbreweries are capable of doing, AB/InBev can never (and probably will never) accomplish, no matter how high their fiscal goals reach. Craft breweries have the distinct ability to connect with their consumers.

This is why I support the craft brewing industry; why I support local and regional breweries; why I want GrassLands to become a reality. GrassLands, like others in the craft brewing industry, will not sacrifice quality for quantity. If successful (one can only dream), our goal won’t be to consume any other brewery that happens to take up a tenth of the craft beer market share. On the contrary – GrassLands will be as open to collaboration with local and regional breweries as possible. I want our eventual patrons to know what we stand for and why – and that we aren’t doing everything and anything possible for your dollar.

In short, we’re in it for the passion, folks. Sure, GLB has to produce revenue or else it’ll become yet another small business statistic – but I’m not doing this to get rich. I’m doing this for the experience; for the beer; to reinforce the notion that we can make a difference in the brewing industry while at the same time fulfilling our mission to have a positive impact on the environment and jeopardized ecosystems. We can be part of something bigger, yet completely the opposite of what AB/InBev stands for. Think about that the next time you see an advertisement where overly attractive people with six-packs are daydreaming about squirting a lime into a frosty Corona on some beachy paradise. Craft beer can do one better :)

So just always keep that in mind – GrassLands Brewery will, of course, gratefully accept your hard earned dollars in exchange for our liquid glory – just know that we’ll be working as hard as possible to make this a personal and enjoyable experience for you - reinvesting your contributions back into something local, philanthropic, and real.