The Earth First Ales (Highlighted Ale): LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber (test batches 4 & 5)

LRR LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber.

*As an update to the name, nobody could come up with the correct French pronunciation (Le Roi Rouge)...and as a result, we've arrived at an interesting (re)name for this beer: LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber *

It’s always interesting what can happen when you begin to (pun intended) “craft” a beer recipe. When I do this, I ask myself a loaded question to get the ball rolling: “What will this experience be like?” The answer(s) to that question usually serve as a guide in formulating a recipe. Do I want it to be hoppy? If so, with what hops? Do I want it to be malty? If so, with what malts? Spicy? Citrusy? Earthy? Aromatic? Thin? Thick? It’s a journey in and of itself in creating a new beer. More often than not, I get swept away by my own imagination and ambition for what each ale can eventually become.

LeeRoy the Red had its influences, of course. There are a number of imperial reds (and reds in general) on the market. How does a brewery (let alone a brewery-in-planning) separate itself with regard to similarly used styles? Well, we’ll see if LeeRoy  lives up to mine and The Crimson King’s standards. (O’ Discordia!) Kudos to those who get that reference!

Here’s what I want in this beer – a higher ABV red ale that had a complex malty backbone with balanced bitterness and spicy/floral hop flavors & aromas. I want it to bite but also have some residual sweetness. I want it to be on the slightly fuller side with regard to mouthfeel – simultaneously attacking and soothing the palate. More than anything, I want it to be a memorable experience. Ask yourself this:  How many beers have you tasted that shook you to the core…left you a changed person? One? A couple? We should be so lucky. That’s what I want for LeeRoy.

Simply put, LeeRoy the Red will (and may always) be a work in progress, but its potential is dangerous, much like its namesake. Careful, it may shake you to your core someday. If and when that happens, don’t say we didn't warn you.

LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber Vitals

  • Original Gravity:  1.082
  • Final Gravity:  1.014
  • ABV:  8.9%
  • IBUs (bitterness): 82
  • SRM (color):  16-17

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