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Let's start with a quick follow-up for Pints for Paws - now that we've finally got updated totals and everything. This year, the event was able to pull in $15,000!!!! That's. Freaking. AWESOME!  In my three years of being involved with my brew club and Pints for Paws, it's steadily increased in overall funds raised by 100%. That's all because of you and people like you. It's amazing what can be accomplished when beer is involved, eh? That $15k will go toward a myriad of different efforts put on by the Animal Shelter here in town. From spay/neuter programs to training initiatives to general facility improvement, the sheltered animals who cannot help themselves are the ultimate benefactors. $15,000, wow. I can't even wrap my mind around it.

Also, as a brew club, the NFBL donated a whopping 430 gallons of beer! That's somewhere in the realm of 85 batches of beer. That's a lot. I repeat - A LOT of beer! I can't say enough how proud I am of my fellow brewers. One of our brewers donated 40 gallons (the total amount donated by both GrassLands and Broken Cog) by himself! That's dedication! On that note, I did want to put a personal congratulations out there to our fierce competitors in the People's Choice Award: Beerd Brewing. GrassLands and Broken Cog put up a tough fight, but their 17 batches of beer was somewhat insurmountable - Congrats to Beerd for taking down the People's Choice! The GrassLands/Broken Cog Collaborative effort finished in a valiant 2nd Place. Not bad, considering we just wanted to have fun. If you stopped by our booth and decided to vote for us, thank you from the bottom of our pint glasses :). We heard a ton of positive feedback from our visiting patrons and we're flattered each and every time we hear it.

So after putting 40 gallons of brew out there for the general public to consume, what to do after it's all gone? Brew some more, of course! Tyler of Broken Cog stopped over to brew a 10g batch of GrassLands' Red Panda Rye with me this past weekend and the results were great!




10g RPR

On deck, Citrus Meyeri Wit! She got done earlier this week and is happily fermenting away at room temperature...lucky girl. Made a few adjustments this time - added in just over a pound of flaked oats and took out the chamomile additions altogether. Let's see how she does!

To close up this week's post, GrassLands personally wants to congratulate the Proof Brewing Company for finally getting all their affairs in order. Proof officially became Tallahassee's first package brewery today with the brewing of their IPA! It's a great thing to see and it's totally awesome for this town. GrassLands hopes to join you guys soon! Color us jealous for the time being.

With that said, I'll leave you for the weekend. Keep up with us on via all the social-networking stuff we've got below - we won't stalk you, we promise. CASK First Coast Cup competition coming right up! News next week!