Twas the night before Pints for Paws...

…and all through the brewery. Nah, I’m not going to get all satirical on you, but I do want to dedicate this week’s post to all the furry loved ones out there. As you may know, GrassLands’ mission is to make unique beers that push the boundaries of our interpretation of existing styles (as well as your taste buds), while at the same time bringing attention to environmental and animal conservation issues. Once we’re finally in operation, GrassLands will make annual donations to charities that embody this very mission. Perhaps that’s why the Pints for Paws event resonates so much with me. As (currently) a homebrewer, I can make an immediate impact on the lives of local and regional animals that otherwise could not help themselves. It’s an amazing thing to see so many homebrewers come out of the woodwork with donations of multiple batches of beer (which for many, takes up space typically reserved for consumption) all for the benefit of improving the lives of animals. We’re also talking about assisting an organization that historically, is part of a larger group of organizations that are very underfunded. As a result, ASF has to be creative in stretching their dollars. That’s what makes me smile about Pints for Paws. By just doing what we love doing (brewing beer), we’re able to make that much more of an impact on a helpless animal’s life.

Considering that all of the GrassLands kids:


are all rescues, Pints for Paws hits home for GrassLands Brewery even more.

So, if you haven’t checked out the Pints for Paws blog (and why haven’t you?) the GrassLands/Broken Cog Collaboration will be providing eight, count ‘em, EIGHT batches of beer. They are as follows: Higgins’ Hefe, Olivia’s Meyers Lemon Wit, Kayla’s Wild Honey Saison, Gauge’s Hard Cider, Beamer’s Blueberry Wheat, Oliver’s Oatmeal Porter, Devious Daschund Dark Ale, and Wet Nose American Stout.

Now, who’s excited? We certainly are! If you’ve been following along, we’ve got a few surprises planned…so be sure to drop by our booth!

Pics to come next week and we hope to see your faces on Saturday!