The Second Round

2nd Round?

So I'm sensing a bit of a trend here.

If you've been following along on Twitter or Facebook, you might have noticed I got all giddy this past week. A few posts ago I mentioned a new recipe of which I've become quite fond - as have been a bunch of people who've tasted it - Citrus Meyeri Wit. Wits are fun and unique and Citrus Meyeri is no different. Whenever GrassLands finally launches, Citrus Meyeri won't be a flagship, but it'll definitely be a seasonal brew. It's my take on a very different and wide-ranging beer style - and I like it. I've also only brewed this specific style twice...and I'm hooked. Back to the giddiness. Citrus Meyeri Wit received a 42.5/50 at the most recent Hogtown Brew Off regional homebrew competition in Gainesville, FL and while it didn't medal, it made it to the 2nd round with only seven other entries. This, along with another 2nd round appearance by Secale Cereale Saison, makes it three straight trips to extra innings in my past two competitions.

That makes GrassLands a happy camper.

Given how subjective competitions can be, that means I'm making good to excellent beer in the eyes of trained beer judges. That also means I'm close to medaling (though that's not really the goal, but it's a nice benefit of hard work). Here's a couple snapshots of Citrus Meyeri's scores sheets (click on each to enlarge):

Score Sheet 1

Score Sheet 2

So after reading the judges' comments, and given that I submitted this in the specialty beer category, I think from now on, I'll be only submitting this beer within the Wit subcategory - either that, or I'll have to really up the Meyers Lemon zest content to make it compete with some other significantly modified beer styles in the specialty category. Regardless, hitting the 2nd round in any competition is difficult, especially within the popular Belgian beer categories. Hitting it consistently? I suppose I've gotta be doing at least something right!

Okay, so enough giddiness. I'm invoking the 24-hour celebration rule and I'm getting back to business. So, yeah, Pints for Paws. You've heard about it, I guess? As a result of our combined efforts, the GrassLands and Broken Cog collaboration will be on FULL DISPLAY next Saturday! We're totally psyched and we think our booth visitors will be too. Eight beers will be a bunch to manage, but we'll get it done, I know we will. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Anyways, after next week's IPA Throwdown II in Dunedin, FL, the next competition coming up is the First Coast Cup that's held in my old stomping grounds: Jacksonville, FL. Fiery Plains IIPA will be submitted along with Secale Cereale Saison and Citrus Meyeri Wit. We'll see how they do! Next week we'll be brewing two beers close to GrassLands' heart: Red Panda Rye and Harvest Blueberry Wheat.

But for now, enjoy your holiday weekend, dear reader - and remember to be thankful for why you're celebrating it in the first place.