American Craft Beer Week

So how are you spending your week? I feel like I may have prematurely celebrated ACBW a tad early as GrassLands descended upon the rising metro beer hub of Atlanta, GA this past weekend. As a Tallahassee, FL resident, I've personally seen my town start to really take off with its love of craft beer - however, I totally understand that while a decent percentage of the 180,000+ population like craft beer, we're in no way an Atlanta when it comes to:

a) Availability (both in bars and in beer stores)

b) Events

c) Breweries

Per Beer Advocate, there are 12 breweries and brewpubs in Atlanta. 12! Per capita, that's not really the same as Asheville, NC, but it's certainly saying something. There's also a number of other breweries and breweries in planning in the Atlanta and surrounding areas, so things are only going upward for Georgia. That's why I love checking out new areas. I've got family in Atlanta and each time I visit, I become more and more impressed with what Atlanta is able to offer.

Along those lines, if you've been following GrassLands for a while, you'll know that one of the inspirations behind why I'm doing what I'm doing is Monday Night Brewing. These three guys started out a while back just hosting homebrew parties at their place every monday night and let their dreams take them somewhere awesome. It took them a while, but with dedication and persistence (and fine-tuning their two main beers), they launched about a half year ago (or longer, if memory serves me correctly). Now, according to my brother who bartends in midtown ATL, "they're effin' everywhere!" I kicked off American Craft Beer Week by having their Eye Patch Ale and Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale. Very good stuff. Kudos, boys...Sweetwater is still King in Atlanta, but in time, I think you could give them a run for their money

It's simple trips like this that keep me going...keep me passionate and confident about my craft and the ability to reach the desired end start destination. My launch date may be TBD for a while, but as long as I keep it a vision and not a pipe-dream, I feel like GrassLands will eventually become a reality.

So with that said, keep your eyes open. I'm fairly sure that in a town near you, somebody is celebrating American Craft Beer Week! Even with Tallahassee's small market, we'll have things going on around here! GrassLands will celebrate by re-brewing its famous Red Panda Rye! Woot! This ends the first of GrassLands' weekly installments - we'll see if you, my dear readers, want more. If so, we'll get it done!


P.S. Pints for Paws 2012 is coming!!!