Beer = Happiness

So GrassLands Brewery served at its first official event this past weekend: BrewFest Tallahassee. We had a total blast and would definitely do it again. Big thanks to Kent Safriet, French Brown, Park Broome and many, many others who helped us feel totally welcome and at ease throughout the entire night.

In the previous GrassLands post, I noted that we'd be serving three beers: First Light Summer Ale w/Grapefruit zest, Daisy Pusher Caramel Pale Ale and Secale Cereale (Rye) Saison. All three were extremely well received and although the First Light was consumed the most, Daisy Pusher was the clear front runner in terms of taste among BrewFest patrons. I even had someone tell me that they'd email Ben & Jerry's on GrassLands' behalf because Daisy Pusher would be an awesome ice cream flavor! Our Saison was well-liked, just something most patrons hadn't tasted before. A group of guys enjoyed it so much, they couldn't believe that GrassLands wasn't a professional operation as of yet. Soon, gentlemen...Soon!

One of the things that made the night great was our customized stamp. A few weeks ago, I had a customized stamp made and ordered about 180 blank coasters made from recycled materials. As I served each patron I made sure I stamped a coaster and handed it to them. Even though the stamp's design won't be anything close to what the final GrassLands logo will look like, it was definitely a fun thing to do and people totally got a kick out of it. Some even had us stamp their hands!

We talked with a ton of folks who were eager to find out more about what GrassLands is and, more importantly, when it was going to launch! We also had an absolute AWESOME conversation with the owner of Pensacola Bay Brewery - and his insight was totally welcomed. As a fairly young brewery (PBB opened only 11 months ago) he noted that they've tripled in size since beginning! It was truly inspiring to talk with him and learn more about his journey into the craft beer industry. One of the most notable things he communicated to us was the fact that craft brewers should absolutely welcome new breweries to the scene as we're not competing with each other, but against the large brewery conglomerates out there that only care about the bottom line. GrassLands totally agrees. Truly insightful to say the least.

At the end of the night, the GrassLands beers were all tapped out, all of our stamped coasters were distributed, our legs and feet were tired, but we were totally satisfied with how everything went. One thing is for certain - after this past event and the reception to our beers, there's no question about GrassLands' future. We are coming...SOON!