GrassLands feels for its Alabama neighbors

Stumbled across this wonderful diddy the other day, via some of my homebrewing buddies and through  Enjoy, if you can! Then, read my thoughts below.

Listen, I understand some of the need for conservative perspectives regarding alcohol - however, there's a difference between being conservative and just plain ignorant. It's a shame when a state's lawmakers are so uninformed that a bill to LEGALIZE homebrewing (something that's LEGAL in 48 other US states) is shut down out of fear and ignorance.

I believe I've noted that I follow Free the Hops - an Alabama-based organization hell-bent on creating awareness for homebrewing and craft beer, and Raise Your Pints - a Mississippi-based organization hell-bent on lifting the ban on any beer over 5% alcohol by weight. These organizations need more attention, and hopefully, GrassLands is doing its part by putting this stuff out there. Once GrassLands is officially up and running, we're going to do our best to see if we can help influence lawmakers in these two states to "see the light" so to speak.

By the way, what is m-e-a-d mead, anyways? Oh boy...