Red Panda Rye


Red. Panda. Rye.

What else can I say about this beautiful creation? The Red Panda is GrassLands' favorite land animal, and not just because  they're freakin' awesome. They're an endangered species faced with daily threats like loss of habitat, poaching, pet trading, the works. In fact, it's already extinct in four of the seven Chinese provinces in which it was originally discovered. All they wanna do is eat bamboo...what's so wrong about that?

As a result, this beer was crafted with the unique attributes of the Red Panda kept in mind. Like the Red Panda, rye beers are different, and this one is no exception. Its malty and bready mouthfeel is backed up by a residual caramel sweetness - but it's just bitter enough to keep you coming back for more. The appearance is a deep copper/red hue with a slightly tan head that sticks around for a while. At close to 6% ABV, it provides a little warming feel on the way down.

Have a few of these, and a bamboo shoot might look like a great appetizer!


PS - I would be remiss if I didn't link you to a noble cause dedicated to creating more awareness of the Red Panda and helping this beautiful creature thrive. Please click here for more information to see how you can make a difference in Red Pandas' lives - that is, in addition to checking out the Red Panda Rye for yourself.

 Oooh....aint she pretty?