Changes already?

Yeah, but they're good changes...proactive even. When I first made the decision to actually attempt to pull this insane idea of a brewery off, I knew that I wanted to heavily involve you - the reader, the eventual (hopefully) patron, the ultimate critic I need and want to impress - in multiple facets of my company. Because it's you that this whole thing boils down to - you are the ultimate key to the success of GrassLands Brewery. So why shouldn't I go out of my way early to make sure your experience is memorable, even though you can't drink my beer (yet)?

With that said, I've got a Web site I'm working on getting up and running, but that takes a little bit a lot of time/energy/expertise. I've been working on it with my brother-in-law who is one of the best graphics artists I've ever met - I mean really, just check out his and my sister's photography site when you get a chance - he knows what he's doing. (And if you happen to be getting married, my completely "unbiased" opinion is that you let them handle all of your photography needs - trust me, you won't regret it)

So yes, there are a few changes coming to this only 3-day-old blog. The layout will be a bit different, the colors/background/etc. will change, I'll be using WordPress (shhh...don't tell Blogger). Point being, even though this thing isn't off the ground, I want the random person who hears about GrassLands from a friend of a friend of a friend's cousin to be able to head to my site with the least bit of trouble. I also want to "own" my content. While Blogger is great, if this thing evolves like I think it will, I'd better get started early on with the online stuff. I'll provide a few updates between then and now, but I expect by the end of this week, if you're reading this blog at all, it'll be here. (Uggh, doesn't that just look horrible right now? Just you wait, young Grass Hopper)

With that said, I think I'll add a recurring component I'd like to include in my blog in the days leading up to a brew day - called "What's Brewing?"

What's Brewing? The president of my local brewers club and I are going to be brewing a 10 gallon monster of a Belgian Strong Ale this coming Saturday - one I've lovingly called "Ethereal Earth Belgian Strong." Anticipated ABV: a whopping 10.5%!  With over 32 lbs of grain, the capacity of my system will be pushed to the limit (not to mention pushing the limits of the style category, according to BJCP.) I also want this blog to be educational for my readers - especially the casual-to-nonexistent beer drinker - so if you have no idea what a Strong Ale is, feel free to click here and find out! I'll be sure to include pics/videos of that experience for your enjoyment and my embarrassment.

Maybe in the future it'll actually be on tap and/or in bottles somewhere else besides my home! All kinds of Awesome!