Could be important information

After re-reading my first post, I thought I didn't cover a bunch of information and you, the reader, would most likely have a few questions. Here's a few that have been asked by a couple friends, relatives, colleagues, complete strangers:

Where am I at now?
Why beer...Didn't you go to college for close to 10 years?
What are my next steps?
Do I want to run a brewery or a brewpub?
What kind of beer will I brew?
Where will this brewery reside?
WTF does GrassLands mean?
How long until this launches?
Hey, hey, hey! Easy with all the questions! In truth, I can't answer all those questions right now, but I'll do my best to provide you with what I can.


Right now.
Right now I feel like a toddler sitting at the adult table. GrassLands is a dream I've had for only a small amount of time, in the grand scheme of things. Right now I'm in an information-gathering and business-building phase. I brew as much as I can and as often as I can. I seem to be maxing out my capacity already and it's only March this year. When I started thinking about this, all I knew was that I could make beer that I eventually liked - and perhaps enough people I gave it to told me they liked it as well - enough so that I thought I could start a brewery. Isn't that how every microbrewery starts? It seems to be an overplayed story, but it's true. It's also a good feeling to see where you're at and read Sam Calagione's story about how Dogfish Head Craft Brewery started...or Hindy & Potter's Beer School, or by visiting numerous other brewery web sites and getting a feel for their journey. They all started the same way, buying some homebrewer kit and getting all dreamy about the possibilities of others enjoying their beer. Hey, I'm in the same boat, so to speak. Why not me? Why not now?


Why beer? Didn't you go to college for close to 10 years?
Didn't I give that impression with my first post? I love beer. I love beer so much that I'm fully ready to invest in a completely different career path than the one on which I've been traveling for some time now. My educational background might come in handy with the operation of things, but the way I see it, if you've got a dream, chase after it. I'm of the mindset that you'll be more disappointed in life by the risks you didn't take than by the ones you did. This whole thing might blow up in my face, but at least I gave it a, no - my best shot.


Next Steps?
Research. Brewing. Writing. Next question.


Brewery or Brewpub?
Why not both? I'll get to that in one of my next few posts. I can already tell I'm losing you as it is.


What kinds of beer will I brew?
I will only brew beer that I personally enjoy - which is a wide range in styles at the moment. But I'll say this, in the coming months ahead, I'll be involving you more in how the final product tastes, smells and looks. I won't sacrifice quality over quantity. Right now, I've got a bunch of personally crafted recipes...and I'm always tweaking them (using different yeasts/hops/base grains/specialty grains/adjuncts/etc. I'd like to assume that I've got something for everyone, but that might not be the case. However, I will put in 110% effort to brew the best and most unique beers possible - that I can assure you.


Where will the brewery reside?
That's an excellent question. So excellent I'm going to answer it whenever I actually have an answer.


GrassLands? Really?
This post is approaching term paper length. I'll explain in the coming weeks. My last name is only half of it.


Get it? In the immortal words of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell: "Jeez I crack myself up."


Launch date?
Sheesh you're persistent! We'll see. Things on the home front will be getting much more clear in the next six months, so stay tuned.

Too long? I know I get too excited about this crap...probably to a fault. Oh well. Thanks for reading!